How old are you and how long have you been a drug or alcohol abuser?

I’m 36 years old I was a cocaine user for about 6 years and used alcohol for about 15.

Could you tell us how your drug abuse started?

In July of 1999 my wife separated from me and shortly after I was introduced to cocaine.

What kind of relationship did you have with your friends?

With the exception of my wife, my relationship with children and the rest of my family was intact.

What kind of difficulties did drugs create in your life?

Drugs turned me into a thief, manipulative, and not to mention loss of custody of my children. In the end drugs ruined me .

What kind of advantages did you think drugs were creating for you?

Escape from reality so I didn’t have to deal with the loss of my family, in reality there were no advantages.

When did drugs become a problem for you?

Drugs really became a problem for me in the summer of 1999.

What made you finally realize you needed help?

I was broke, unhealthy, and alone I needed help and wanted to live.

How did you hear about Narconon?

I found out about Narconon through a friend who has a son that just went through the program here.

What are the differences you've noticed between Narconon and any other rehab you've been to or heard about?

The intense bookwork, the testing, and the length of the program. You just can’t slide through this program you have to do the work. That’s why you see so many people leaving without finishing the program, but what they don’t know is the length of the program is short compared to the amount of time we all used drugs.

What steps in the Narconon program helped or are going to help you the most?

The study habits they teach you in book 3, the overt and withhold write up in book 6, and the repairing past ethic conditions in book 7.

What plans do you have in place to help you stay away from the one situations?

The plans I have are awesome the support from my family, a really good job, and an incredible girlfriend.

If I asked you to compare how you feel now to how you felt before coming to Narconon what would you say?

I love my life now, before I was in a drug-induced fog.

If you had something to communicate to the public about drugs or the Narconon program what would it be ?

Look at me before the Narconon program and look at me after the Narconon program, IT WORKS!

W. L.

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