When I first entered Narconon I was a heavy drinker. I had felt that my life was going nowhere fast. I had been married for 17 years to the same man and found out that he was having an affair with not only my employee, but also my best friend. After my divorce, my kids blamed me. They had no clue about what really happened and because I didn’t want to make their father seem any worse to their eyes than he was already, I bit the bullet. In the last year, I lived in a town where you could only get jobs through temp agencies, that did not pay well and gave no benefits. I drank more just to numb the pain of all that was happening to me in a short time. I found, however, that this year was the end of it all: the tunnel was closing in. I couldn’t seem to dig myself out. I finally called my parents one night and let them know just how bad things were and I wanted help.

I phoned the hotline and talked to Corry, however it wasn’t long before Nick Hayes, the intake counselor for Narconon in Quebec, called and we talked. Nick spoke with my parents and within four days I arrived at Narconon.

Three weeks into the program, I was feeling good about it and I felt this was something I wanted to complete.

Let me go back just a little. Before I came to Narconon, I had an appointment with the doctor and found out that I had cancer. This was heavy on my mind and I had to leave the program to go home and deal with this issue. To my complete surprise after the test results came in, my doctor called me back to tell me the cancer had diminished to a point that I still have cancer cells, like most people do, but that I don’t have to do anything about it except go back for a check up in three months. I felt that this was too unreal, I spoke about the Narconon program and that I had went through a detoxification in sauna to clean the body of drugs and toxins. He was impressed and said that is the only thing that he feels helped; he was going to look into the detoxification program. I felt like I was a new person. I went back to Narconon and found the program gave me a new outlook for my life. I couldn’t have done it without a few special people to put up with my wondering why to everything, I have finished the program and feel that I can overcome anything that comes my way in life. My body has a new life as well.

I thank all that had a part in my program. You make the difference and your loyalty to others to get better is wonderful. Thanks to my family and friends at Narconon. I introduce to you the new C. R.!

C. R.

Graduate of