It is officially one year clean today, one year to this day that I was losing my life and watching myself die in Vancouver, the last city I knew I was going to be in. I was at the end of it all when I came across Narconon. I did not know what to expect when my parents got me on the plane to Narconon. It's hard to believe that it's been a year, since so much has happened in my life and myself. I have grown so much. Narconon gave me the answers to all of my problems, all of the questions I had looming over my head and gave me the ability to change my life and take control. It is truly a wonderful feeling to have control and to actually know where you want your life to go, knowing that you can make it happen. To all my friends and co-workers, I thank you. This is the first year of many to come and every day is going to get better from hereā€¦ Thank you Narconon, I am forever grateful.

Nick is currently working at Narconon; he decided after his program that he wanted to grasp this opportunity to help other drug addicts who are in need.

N. H.

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