Defeated a 12 Year Heroin Addiction

I am doing great. I graduated the Narconon Program on May 20th. The best decision I made while there was doing something for me and others. All of my addiction to heroin led me to hurt my family and anyone and everyone who I came in contact with. I was addicted to heroin and crack for over 12 years. My story is a long one, but to make it short, the end of my addiction ended me living on the streets of Newark, NJ.

I will always remember the last of my addiction which led me to be living on the streets and panhandling for money. It was a rainy Saturday in February 2005 I was washing windows on the streets of Newark for change. I was on the street washing car windows with a squeegy I found in garbage at a traffic light I was clearing the rain off of cars when all of a sudden a car pulled up. The car looked familiar, but I was so dope sick and wanting money for my fix, I continued to cry and clean the windows. As cleaning a car I looked in a saw a man crying as I cleaned his window. The window of the car went down, I put my hand out for some change, much to my surprise it was my father in tears, seeing his first born daughter, a heroin junkie begging for change.

That day I went to Narconon. I graduated May 20, 2005 and really had no where to go from there. My family had given up on me. Needless to say, on May 21 I began working for Narconon StoneHawk in Battle Creek, Michigan. I am saving others, giving back what I received. Have my parents respect back, and finally have my own respect, love, integrity and most important I am finally an ethical person.

I finally love me.

That is all thanks to Narconon. I work in Michigan because at the time Narconon could not hire Americans. I love it here, but you guys will always be my Narconon. I would love for you to share this success story with others.

This is a true success.

Thank you Narconon for giving me my life.

D. D.

Graduate of