How old are you, and how long have you been a drug or alcohol abuser?

I am 44 years old and I started using drugs 20 years ago.

Could you tell us how your drug abuse started?

My drug abuse started smoking marijuana with friends.

What kind of relationship did you have with your friends?

I was involved with people who smoked marijuana.

What kind of advantages did you think drugs were creating for you?

Drugs were to no advantage; It was just “cool” to be high.

When did drugs become a problem for you?

Drugs became a problem when I started to use cocaine.

How did you hear about Narconon?

I heard about Narconon when I was about to come here, from someone who had come here previously but did not complete the program.

What are the differences you've noticed between Narconon and any other rehab you've been to or heard about?

The difference is that it does not treat you as a diseased. It treated the WHOLE body and mind and was far more than expected.

What steps in the Narconon program helped or are going to help you the most?

The step that helped me the most was book 7 (Changing Conditions in Life). I related to this because I could see where I went wrong and how, now, I can apply the conditions and formulas.

If I asked you to compare how you feel now to how you felt before coming to Narconon what would you say?

Like death warned me.

If you had something to communicate to the public about drugs or the Narconon program what would it be ?

A lifesaver and a betterment — for the whole soul — a true way to happiness!

How do you feel since you completed the Narconon program?

I I feel like I want to become someone who can make a difference to people — especially these “infested” in the drug world and I need to show the children of the world the way to happiness!

S. M.

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