How old are you and how long have you been a drug or alcohol abuser?

My name is J. D. and I am 28 years old. I have been using cocaine, ecstasy, crystal meth; anything I could put my hands on for 3 years.

Could you tell us how your drug abuse started?

I started drinking after my cousin died and then started to get involved in a relationship with a cocaine abuser, that's definitely when everything started going down.

What kind of relationship did you have with your friends?

It was not good. I was selfish and disconnected with the people that I love, and I was constantly lying to them. As a parent, I also let my son down.

What kind of advantages did you think drugs were creating for you?

They gave me a false sense of security and self-esteem. They made my pain and anxiety go numb, but they both came back 100% worse after. It was just a mask. It did not solve anything.

When did drugs become a problem for you?

When I used them to cope with reality. I lost my jobs and my family. The only thing on my mind was using drugs. It was ruining my life.

When did you hear about Narconon?

My mother did some research. She got in touch with Narconon and she made it happen for me.

What are the differences you've noticed between Narconon and any other rehab you've been to or heard about?

1) Narconon doesn't substitute one drug for another and no psychiatric drugs are given.

2) Doctors were just masking the problem by giving me anti-depressants.

3) I found 12 steps programs that only concentrated in the past instead of the present. It made me feel like there was no way to move forward. Narconon taught me that I am responsible for my own condition. Narconon gave me back my strength. I was basically punishing myself. Narconon gave me my self-esteem back. Only Narconon provides the benefits of the sauna, which brought me back to a comfortable state.

What steps in the Narconon program helped or are going to help you the most?

The Training Routines and Communication Exercises helped me the most. My biggest problem was that I couldn't feel comfortable anywhere and I had to drink in order to numb that. The Training Routines gave me the possibility to confront any situation and to be comfortable anywhere. The Personal Values and Integrity Course helped me to let go and to move on with my life. It wasn't easy but it was a turning point, since it allowed me to see my addiction for what it really was and how I did hurt people around me and helped me to move forward. It also helped me to be accountable for my own actions so I can take control of my life.

If I asked you to compare how you feel now to how you felt before coming to Narconon what would you say?

I don't even think I can put it into words. It's like I have been given a second chance. I'm more aware. I was diagnosed with manic depression. I never taught that I would be happy again. And I am happier now than I would ever imagine. I am confidant and all that without any kind of medications.

If you had something to communicate to the public about drugs or the Narconon program what would it be ?

Drugs are the gates to our society's destruction. Yet, it isn't published by the media as much as it should be. They ruin lives on a daily basis and it is so unnecessary and preventable. Narconon takes a stand for what is right and people like myself are freed from our addictions because of Narconon. So obviously, I support this program with all my heart and encourage others to do the same.

J. D.

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