J. T. - Narconon Rehab Success

The day had finally come when I had felt victory. I had won over a destructive substance that had seemingly taken over my life. I say seeming less because it was important for me to understand that nothing can take over my life unless I give it permission to. It's like we were all on a plane that crashed together and we were the lucky survivors. This is the kind of bond I feel with my brothers and sisters at Narconon. My hope for you is that you have that sense of invincibility tempered with the renewed feeling of control in all situations. I pray that you dream big, love bigger and that you dance like there is nobody watching.

As for what it's like after you leave the program, it's awesome. I am able to be honest about myself. I don't have to look over my shoulder. I can go to sleep at night without a sleeping aid. I have been interviewing for jobs and everyone that I have interviewed for has offered me a position. What a great life I have. I am genuinely happy! I am choosing my future and not the reverse. I am more powerful each and every day. I have been tempted by old acquaintances. People that I thought were my friends and I have won!!! I said goodbye over three months ago to those things and my intentions are stronger than ever. How about that? INTENTION WITHOUT RESERVATION. I guess those training routines had a purpose after all. I thank Narconon and the staff and all of the students that helped me find my way.

J. T.

Graduate of


It is kind of hard to write a success story when my story is just beginning. My success is just getting up every morning and being alive. My success is looking into my daughter's eyes and seeing the excitement of a new day for them. My success comes from the newly found sense of control that I have found as a result of my experience at Narconon. My success is the look of love and appreciation that I receive from my wife when I am helping with my children. My success is the feeling that I am contributing to my society rather than taking away from it. My success is just that, it is mine and it can be large or small, internal or external, physical or spiritual. No matter what it is, it is mine to own and cherish. The thing that I have learned about living is to enjoy the journey. I want to thank the staff at Narconon for helping me open my eyes to the world around me, and I want to encourage all the clients of Narconon to become students of living for it is a wonderful existence when we become true participants and not just spectators.