G.W. Talks About how the Detox Program Cleansed his Body — and Helped Boost his "Thought Processes."

Medical doctors and scientists around the world have commented on and written about the effectiveness of the Narconon Detoxification Program to rid the body of chemical impurities including drugs and pollutants. In fact, many studies have been written validating the Narconon Program and thousands of people worldwide have experienced relief from the harmful effects of drugs and other chemicals in their bodies.

And this is why support for Narconon has been greater than ever worldwide: In parts of Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland, once the Narconon method received official recognition as a drug rehabilitation program, it became eligible for government funding, as prescribed by local laws, distributed from the Social Boards of each country.

The Ministry of Health in England has also directly funded Narconon residential rehabilitation. Narconon Colombia has received funding for services to youth.

The State of Utah in the United States has funded Narconon non-residential services for juveniles on probation for misdemeanor drug charges who are then court-ordered to the program. Additionally, Narconon drug education has received federal, state and local funding assistance in many countries.

But can the Detoxification Program also increase mental ability? Nutritionist Geoffrey Wardle says it can: In this article he describes his personal experiences with the Narconon Detox Program, how it helped eliminate "muddy" thinking and boosted his mental efficiency to significantly higher levels.

Geoffrey Wardle, Nutritionist on Narconon

When did you first discover the Narconon Detox Program?

I found out about the program in 1983 and did it the same year. It's actually quite funny - I had bought a car for my girlfriend at the time and she didn't use it. I was so impressed with the Detoxification Program that I sold the car and used part of the money to do the program.

What benefits did you get from doing the Narconon regimen?

I became a lot more physically fit and notably brighter too. I found that my thinking processes were way, way higher than they were before. Another added bonus for me, following the program, is that I got so used to running (as the Detox Program involves some of that), that I actually became a Marathon Runner! This was quite a personal achievement for me.

Can you explain a bit more about the gains in your thinking processes?

Prior to doing the program I was what I would describe as dull mentally. It was like continually trying to think through mud. Of course, I didn't know this until I completed the Detox. Afterwards I was clear-headed, brighter and "sharp as a tack." The improvement was very noticeable.

What's interesting is that I never took street drugs, only the usual over-the-counter and prescription medication. It was therefore quite a surprise that I could experience that much gain from the Detox Program. Afterwards, when I became a nutritionist, I understood more as to why this was. I discovered that you can end up with a whole lot of stuff sitting inside your body to get rid of.

Tell us a little about your background; how did you get into nutrition?

I became a Certified Nutritionist and how that came about is really quite simple: I was actually working in a health food store for about four years and I was finding, more and more, that I was needing to give information to people because they were trying to handle illnesses or whatever. So I did the course so that I could have a lot more data to work with - and I actually found it easier to work with people since having that. Although I don't work in the field fulltime anymore, I regularly have people - friends, associates and so on - come to me for help.

I have a special questionnaire that once completed, the results can be graphed. From that you can actually work out the area that someone is having problems with and can then research to help them find a nutrition-based solution for the situation. It's just a tool I use to help people.

In your professional opinion, what makes the Narconon Detoxification Program different from other alternatives?

The main thing that comes to me, through the research I've done on Narconon and some other programs, is the results: If you take a percentage of people coming out of the program, and then not reverting to drugs, Narconon is significantly better than anything else out there. Although the statistics vary, in terms of which program one compares Narconon to, the Narconon program is consistently and significantly more successful.

Can you comment on the nutritional supplements used in the Detox Program and how they help rid the body of chemicals?

A lot of the "old" drugs (ones someone has taken in the past) tend to settle down in the body - and where the settle down is in the fat tissue1. And it's very difficult to get stuff out of the fat tissue because the body will only give up fat when absolutely necessary. It's there almost as a "savings account." The way the Detox Program is put together, it utilizes oil that a person takes, and the body uses the oil to replace the fat. It's really quite genius. It's like you have 10 five-dollar bills and they are all dirty, and someone offers you 10 clean bills. You're going to exchange them because there is no loss to you. It's basically the same way of looking at it.

As far as the vitamins are concerned in regards to the program, the Niacin is probably the most important and what it does, to some extent, is it creates a lot of extra blood flow into areas of the body that you don't normally get a lot of blood flow to. Niacin's also good for headaches because it will flush any toxic stuff out of your head.

L. Ron Hubbard, the developer of the Detox Program, found that the Niacin didn't work too well by itself and needed to be backed up with a certain amount of Vitamin-B1, Vitamin-C, Calcium and some others vitamins. The development of the Detox Program was ultimately the result of work Hubbard did involving nuclear radiation and how to get rid of it from the body2. That's when he first started working with Niacin (and made a number of significant breakthroughs in this area).

Another thing the vitamins, etc. do on this program is build the body up. If somebody's been taking drugs on a regular basis - even on a not-so-regular basis - the nutrition for the body has dropped. The body needs to be built up while you are doing this program, and the supplements help make that happen.

Aside from drug addicts per se, what benefits would the average person enjoy from doing the body Detox Program?

Well, any drug, a prescription, over the counter or street drug is also going to settle down into your fatty tissue - and that needs to be removed as well.3

What does a painkiller do for you? It numbs the body. When you take a painkiller for a headache, for example, it doesn't go to your head and remove the headache, it affects your entire body. It has a numbing effect on the body, but can also have such an effect on the person themselves. Once a person's taken enough of them, he's gotten them sitting in his fatty tissue and at one stage or another, the body may release some of the drug(s) back into the body, it gets back into your system again, and all of a sudden he feels a little bit numb one day, and he doesn't know where it comes from - this is basically what it is, the drug is coming back into his system. This program will eliminate that sort of thing for a person. This includes alcohol which does damage to the liver and this needs to be detoxed also - which this program also does. That in turn makes for cleaner blood which improves one's overall physical wellbeing.

Thank you very much for your time...

Thank you for the opportunity to speak about this program. It really is very effective and can do wonders for one's physical and mental health.

What's interesting is that I never took street drugs, only the usual over-the-counter and prescription medication. It was therefore quite a surprise that I could experience that much gain from the Detox Program. Afterwards, when I became a nutritionist, I understood more as to why this was. I discovered that you can end up with a whole lot of stuff sitting inside your body to get rid of.

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