Denise-Hélène Adam

"The Narconon program is very effective and gives excellent results. In fact, it is the best treatment that I've seen throughout my whole career." Denise-Hélène Adam, ND.

During her career spanning over 30 years, Mrs. Adam has been presented with numerous occasions to study and conduct tests on a variety of natural therapies, biological nutrients and other types of health therapies.

When she discovered the existence of the detoxification such as the service offered by Narconon, she rapidly decided to thoroughly study it.

She went through the complete detoxification program to experience it for herself, observe its effects on her own body and truly realize all the benefits such a program brings. Furthermore, she provides us with her personal experience later in the article.
Denise-Hélène Adam, ND.

"It is the Narconon biophysical detoxification protocol that initially sparked my interest," says Mrs. Adam.

"This is a one of a kind program, and its protocol is entirely based on natural components such as vitamins, oils, exercise and sweating. Obviously, this greatly pleases the consultants in natural health. I extensively monitored the action of niacin, the B3 vitamin that performs a considerable portion of the job. This vitamin has particular properties, such as the elimination of toxins found in the body. Afterwards, exercise and sweating finish off the work initiated by the niacin to completely eliminate the toxins through the pores of the skin and other evacuation organs. The other vitamins, taken in adequate proportions throughout this whole process, cleanse and reconstruct the bodily damages of the past. Once the program is finished and the toxins have been removed from the body, the vitamins taken and the food ingested become much more effective, since the body, now rid of toxins, can more easily absorb these nutrients. It is an amazing treatment protocol, particularly since it makes the work of health consultants much easier afterwards."

"Compared to past centuries, our modern lifestyle has radically changed the behavior of our bodies along its course of growth, from youth to elderly. The consumption of prepared foods, the constant presence of sugar, medication, drugs, alcohol, atmospheric pollution and solar radiations are all elements that contain substances that the body does not digest or is practically incapable of eliminating. Combine this with the accumulated stress from our modern lifestyle, and it will be far from surprising to realize that the number of health consultations related to these problems has been escalating during the past decades."

"Today's agriculture isn't what it used to be. The soils are polluted, the rains are acid and the cultivated lands in many places contain very little minerals, which undoubtedly gives food poorer vitamins and minerals content. The transformation of food and preservatives are all intoxicating substances. Let's describe sugar: the drug of the century. Very affordable, it is largely used during food and meal preparations, but it can cause such harm to the body and render it weak and vulnerable to all types of health problems. Refined sugar consumption must be lowered to a bare minimum, at best completely removed from our diet."

"Our fresh water may also contain toxic substances, since it flows through city plumbing that is at times weathered, stained and filthy. Some water systems have more than 150 years of age, so residues, like nitrate (from agriculture) and lead (from soldering) for example, can end up in the water. Even with the excellent municipal purification systems, the water still has to circulate through these pipes, and this is specifically where unwanted particles and toxins do end up mixing themselves with the water."

"Modern medicine uses more and more chemically composed medication, that are also difficult to fully eliminate from the body. The types of medication that we know today didn't exist fifty years ago. Back then; we would heal health problems with plant extracts. Plants usually work very well, but because we are too intoxicated by all kinds of chemical products, they aren't as well absorbed by the body, hence becoming less efficient. This gives the majority of people the impression that plants have no effect, and become discouraged and abandon their natural health program."

"As a Naturopath, the observation of all these effects of modern life on health is truly worrisome and also makes our work that much harder."

"Not only can we examine the radical changes on the health and body of the individual, but we can also detect changes on the psychological and emotional levels of the individuals that have completed the detoxification program. In fact, the people observed that have finished the treatment at Narconon are calmer, have a clearer perception, improved concentration, improved vision in many cases and hearing improvements. Overall, we can state that a global regeneration occurs due to this program. We may also note a better control on appetite, since the nutrients ingested are absorbed with more ease by the body, hence giving the person a better source of vitamins and energy. This detoxification treatment by Narconon is really the best of its kind and actually is one of the reason why it has the highest success rate in the world at this time." 

"It is for all of these reasons that I have decided to do it myself, choosing to make it a personal experience. It was a fantastic experience! I am a Naturopath, and have been so for more than 30 years, so I am fully aware of what natural health is. But, when completing this treatment, I totally put to good use all of this knowledge. I have lived through it and witnessed the results myself, which adds an extraordinary aspect to my profession. I can now say that I know every angle of this subject!"

"I feel extremely well since I have completed the detoxification program. I basically feel like a new person, in better physical shape and freed from all of the accumulated toxins in my body: I feel rejuvenated. As a natural health consultant, I have been applying the suggestions and counsel that I have given throughout my career. In the last 30 years, I have solely eaten biological food, I have always taken natural supplements, vitamins and plant extracts and avoided prolonged exposure to the sun. I never had surgery and have been drinking purified water for years now and I have been leading a healthy lifestyle up to this day. I have, however, consumed alcohol during my life, smoked cigarettes for a couple of years, but I stopped a long time ago, I also consumed products such as cold syrups and anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, I am not of the recreation drugs generation. What a surprise it was to see that my body still contained a certain number of toxins that were gradually eliminated as I went through the detoxification program. This allowed me to realize that even if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, the polluted environment or even the consumption of common cough syrups can leave toxins in the body. The products used by dentists for surgery and perfumes are also amongst products that leave toxins in our bodies."

"The sauna used for this detoxification program greatly impressed me. It is a temperate sauna. The sweating process is easily initiated, without causing intolerance or extreme fatigues due to heat. Obviously, we drink water and we may take several rapid showers according to our needs during the process. I really found the sauna to be comfortable and liked it. I could actually spend up to four hours in this sauna, without feeling uneasy."

"The program, but specifically the sweating process in the sauna, has helped me to totally comprehend subjects relating to homeostasis (def: the maintenance of relatively stable internal physiological conditions (as body temperature or the pH of blood)."

"In fact, I realize, with myself and in numerous cases that have gone through the program, that it reestablishes the homeostasis of the body. Some types of health problems such as "hot flashes" and dizziness that some people experience during different times of their lives are not necessarily symptoms associated with illnesses or periods of their lives (menopause, andropause, etc.), but are to a certain extent a consequence of accumulated toxins in the body. In turn, they cause elimination problems for sweating, for gland secretions and create difficulties in supporting the harsh winter cold or the summer heat waves. I don't experience such difficulties anymore, since the thermal equilibrium of my body has been reestablished. I am now capable of doing intense exercise for a period of over 20-30 minutes, which is a feat I couldn't accomplish before the Narconon detoxification. All in all, this program is extraordinary and has some rejuvenating effects."

"I can say that the Narconon detoxification protocol accurately reflects the knowledge and abilities that I have acquired during my studies and career as a Naturopath. I believe that a large amount of physical disorders can be completely resolved, or greatly diminished by an excellent toxin elimination program. The Narconon detoxification cure is specially designed to help reestablish health among individuals, but specifically those with a drug addiction problem. The remaining steps become easier afterwards, and any further treatment will be more effective, faster and much less expensive."

I thank Narconon for its significant contribution to the health sector.

Denise-Hélène Adam

- Graduate and member of the "Académie des Naturopathes et Naturothérapeutes du Québec"

- Co-author (with Joelle Jay) of the book "Candida Albicans, un signal d'alarme," Éditions Santé Action,
best-seller in Québec

- Possesses more than thirty years in experience for biological nutrition, natural products and vitamins

- CKVL and CKAC's lecturer and radio commentator

- Head Chef in biological cooking

- Counselor and therapist for more that twenty five years