Professional Endorsements

"The Narconon program has several features which in my opinion justify the implementation of the program. An important aspect is the systematic application of techniques to improve communication and interpersonal skills in persons dependent on alcohol and/or drugs." Read on...

"As demonstrated by extensive research, it is increasingly evident that the accumulation of drug residues and their lipophilic (capable of dissolving in lipids) metabolites in the body plays a role in drug addiction. Such residues are associated with persistent symptoms and their mobilization from body stores into blood correlates with drug craving." Read on...

"This is a one of a kind program, and its protocol is entirely based on natural components such as vitamins, oils, exercise and sweating. Obviously, this greatly pleases the consultants in natural health. I extensively monitored the action of niacin, the B3 vitamin that performs a considerable portion of the job." Read on...

Scientific Endorsements

Extensive Scientific Research Studies

Reduction of Drug Residues
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Graduates Endorsements-Success Stories

"Prior to doing the program I was what I would describe as dull mentally. It was like continually trying to think through mud. Of course, I didn't know this until I completed the Detox. Afterwards I was clear-headed, brighter and "sharp as a tack." The improvement was very noticeable." Read on...

"Narconon gave me the answers to all of my problems, all of the questions I had looming over my head and gave me the ability to change my life and take control. It is truly a wonderful feeling to have control and to actually know where you want your life to go, knowing that you can make it happen."

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Parent's Endorsements: Graduate's Parent Comments

"Before J.G. was admitted to your facility his drug use made him a moody, disagreeable person. He got very angry very quickly for little or nothing. His constant temper tantrums contributed to him leaving home.

After six months of living on his own, his habit only became worse, the alcohol and drugs became the focus of his life. After getting into some problem with friends, which ended J.G. getting wounded, he admitted to me that all the problems occurred as a result of his frequent use of drugs and the people he surrounded himself with. He asked for my help to get him off the drugs.

I frantically made calls, searched the web and asked friends for a good drug rehab facility that I could admit my son to. I wanted a facility that uses natural and healthy withdrawl/detox methods. After researching all the information I collected over 3 days – I decided Narconon would be my son’s best way out [...] "

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