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The Truth About Drugs

Drug Prevention Brochure"10 Things That Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs"

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Most of the information people get about drugs isn’t true. It comes from people who sell drugs, or from people who take drugs themselves. Companies that make drugs advertise them on TV and magazines in order to sell them and make money. People who sell street drugs also give out information about drugs that isn’t true.

People who take drugs often think that drugs are safe. Sometimes they find out they were wrong, but it’s too late.

Can You Pass This Drug Test?

True or False

1. There are good drugs and bad drugs.

2. Most drugs don’t hurt your mind.

3. No one knows what causes people to take drugs.

4. Most drugs aren’t habit forming.

5. Alcohol isn’t a drug.

6. Marijuana isn’t harmful.

7. Ecstasy is safer than other drugs

8. Drugs increase creativity.

9. Drugs improve your senses.

10. Drugs stay in the body for only a short time.


In order to make up your own mind about drugs, you need to know what drugs do. That is why Narconon created this brochure to inform you of the shocking Truth About Drugs. Get your free copy now!