Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention

Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Across North America

There are currently 15 million drug users across Canada and the United States, and an increasingly large number of those are children. Ours is a nation that largely praises quick fixes and easy relief, which leads to the event of experimentation followed by addiction.

Narconon staff have educated over 1.5 million school children through the Narconon drug education and training programs. Our program has demonstrated effectiveness in keeping kids off drugs.

Outcome studies show that early drug prevention must give young children the truth, the vital information, and tools they need to make their own choice to keep away from drugs. Our track record over the past two decades is impressive with key results being reported.

The Narconon Drug Education program assists US schools in meeting several criteria for U.S. Department of Education Title IV (Safe and Drug Free Schools) funds:
- By continually monitoring trends in youth substance abuse, the Narconon Drug Education program keeps pace with changing community needs. Presentations are real and reflect what kids are actually doing.
- The Narconon program surveys every presentation to generate data on changes in perception of risk, program efficacy and for quality control. Schools are required to use strategies that provide evidence of prevention or reduction in drug use.

The Narconon program consistently obtains these results.