Parent Testimonials

"I have spent the last 6 years in a constant state of panic and worry over my daughter's life style. She has been through treatment program after treatment program and would only manage to stay off drugs for two or three weeks and than she would fall. Night after night I would go without sleep worrying if my child was in jail or god forbid even dead. I will never forget the day I first learned of the Narconon program. I was watching TV and the announcement came on.

After hearing the testimonials from the graduates of the program a renewed feeling of hope for my daughter's sobriety came over me. I knew Tracie needed to be at Narconon and that it was her only hope. Thank god she made it into Narconon's hands. I have my daughter back now. She speaks with confidence now. We have never been able to communicate in such a meaningful way as we do now. I can honestly say that Narconon saved my baby's life and I will be thankful to Narconon for the rest of my life."
M. R.

"John is my son, and I love him very much. But up until a year ago, I thought I’d lost him forever. He had gotten addicted to cocaine, and no matter what we did, he couldn’t seem to stop. He’d become a different person, an unreliable, angry, selfish young man who didn’t seem to care how badly he hurt our family or himself. We stood by him while he went through treatment after treatment. But it seemed hopeless. He’d stay clean for a few weeks or months and then dissappear. Pretty soon we’d get a call from the hospital or the police or his girlfriend, telling us that John was in trouble again. It didn’t seem like John was going to be able to stop using drugs on this side of the grave and it was tearing us apart. I’m a doctor, and I felt that if anyone should be able to help, it should have been me. But the cravings were just too strong for him to overcome. Things seemed pretty grim.Then we heard about Narconon New Life Center. The counselors there told us that they could help me get my son back. They explained addiction to me in language that made sense. They told me that they could help, and I believed them. I decided to give it one more try and today I’m glad I did. Today, I have a son again."

Dr. Lloyd Austin

My name is Marlene. I’m the sister of someone who went through the Narconon program. We live in Surinam, South America.In October of 1996, I came with my brother to Narconon. Within four days my sister and I could see the difference in him. During the following four months, he would call home often and wrote letters in which we could read how excited he was and how grateful he was to be part of the Narconon family. I came back in March, and found a new man. I got my brother back and so much happiness that it was almost too much to comprehend ... Narconon, you are a gift from Heaven!

M. C.

The first time I walked in the Narconon office I was desperate. My son had not spent more than a few months out of jail at any given time period for over five years and all of his incarcerations had been directly related to drug and alcohol offenses. Counselling, and even hospitalization, had not helped. You were my last hope. As I read the letters on the wall in the waiting room I remember my eyes stinging with tears.

I wondered if I would ever be able to write a letter thanking Narconon for the successful treatment of my son.That was almost two years ago and with a happy, grateful heart I am writing you and your dedicated, wonderful, committed staff to let you know that the program proved successful. The nightmare of drug and alcohol abuse is finally in the past. My son has become a happy and confident individual, with your assistance. The program established itself as the best investment we could have ever made. Would I recommend Narconon to anyone? In a heartbeat! May God bless each and every one of you. Keep up the great work.

Parent of a Narconon Graduate