The First Step

No recovery from drugs is possible without the "First Step" of getting off drugs. However, many drug users fear the painful withdrawal symptoms.

This method greatly eases these symptoms and makes a drug user more willing to consider withdrawal, and more capable of both a successful withdrawal itself, as well as a more stable recovery in the longer term, with greatly reduced relapse rates.

How to help someone get off drugs:

At Home: In many cases, you can help someone you care about get off drugs with an effective method of drug free withdrawal

In a Community Setting: Community groups can help their members come off drugs and alcohol with these proceedures.

Note that this must always be a Voluntary Program, the individual must personally want to get off drugs for this program to be effective; they have to really give their best effort, not simply attend as a participant because someone else thought they should or because they were ordered to it by the courts or whomever.

Important note: This is NOT a medical withdrawal program, and such programs should always be done under medical supervision. Examples of such include withdrawing from medically prescribed drugs, such as methadone or other prescription drugs, and withdrawing from long term and heavy alcohol use. These types of withdrawals are possible, but must always be done under medical supervision, and in some cases they require hospitalization to achieve a safe withdrawal, and would then find this program useful in reducing cravings and anxiety, while increasing self control and communication skills.

First Step Program Part # 1: Drug Withdrawal

Coming off of drugs and the drug withdrawal symptoms can be a very painful experience. Use vitamins and other natural drug withdrawal remedies given in this book to make getting off drugs easier and less painful.

This booklet contains vital information for anyone trying to get someone they know off drugs.

This information is intended for use in real life.

It has been tested and has proven itself effective in helping persons to voluntarily come off many different kinds of addictive drugs including alcohol.

This means step-bystep withdrawal from drugs by persons with drug problems, whith minimal physical, emotional or other personal difficulty, done at the persons own pace.

The end result would be the alcohol or drug users being assisted to voluntarily cease use of alcohol and other drugs (or to be able to stay off recently stopped drug use).

Many people use the First Step Program to get off drugs at home.

First Step Program Part # 2: Drug Relapse Prevention

After completing drug withdrawal, learn how to stay off drugs by increasing communication skills and gaining a better understanding of how to confront situations in life.

The methods in this book are some of the same methods used in the Narconon Rehab program and help many people live drug-free.

A parent, or other relation, a freind or associate, can effectively help someone they care about withdraw from the use of drugs or alcohol, and help them get their life back. It is very worthwhile and very rewarding to render such assistance effectively.

To help an individual, just order the books and get started. To start a group, ask for a starter package. Please contact