Our drug alcohol rehab program has helped thousands of addicts to recover and regain controle of their lives

Many Narconon clients had gone to 12 step and cognitive programs in the past, but were unable to remain drug-free.

Our comprehensive drug rehabilitation program treats addiction at its source. Our substance abuse treatment program includes a sauna detoxification method for the body and courses designed to give the drug addict the wherewithal to see for themselves where they went wrong, shows them that it is possible to self-correct and remain sober throughout their lives.

We endorse the philosophy that drug addiction is the result of bad choices or an inability to deal with specific circumstances and emotion. Our substance abuse treatment includes two major components:

- The New Life Detoxification Sauna

- Life Improvement Courses

Our unique 100% natural inpatient drug rehabilitation program does not use substitute drugs so our clients do not depend on medication for the rest of their lives.

The philosophy behind our drug rehab program is that an individual is responsible for the condition his/her life is in, no matter how harsh life has been and, with proper tools and help, the individual will come back on top and live a happy and productive life.

The attached stories are from Narconon program graduates, in their own words.