My Graduation Poem

I look around and when I see,
in the mirror it is, not me.
A face unknown and very shy,
because I know I am so damn high.
I turn around l hear my name,
It's not mine, just sounds the same.

I think and know and hurt so much,
to numb the pain and feel no touch.
I keep the drug to numb the pain,
how selfish I am to be so vain.
A child so young, and a drug addict mum,
who calls to see him but doesn't come.

The days went by, the weeks went on,
and the distance between us grew on and on.
I can feel inside, a dying soul,
withering away and feeling so old.
Thoughts of suicide rage my mind,
I try it twice, but I'm caught in time.

S. W. - Narconon Rehab Success

In Alberta all help is full,
please help me, I am a dying soul!
The people I hurt and make them cry,
I try to stop, but it hurts to try.
Then my mom told me she found a place;
the tears had flown right down my face.

She tried and tried to get the loan,
'cause she couldn't do it on her own.
The bank called, the loan denied,
for days and days I continued to cry.
Then an ultimatum came my way,
Kyle called - a work exchange.

I agreed upon my fate's big deal,
at least I'd live for one more meal.
I set my sights up in the sky,
instead of running to just get high.

Upon my arrival at Narconon,
I could hear the singing, a beautiful song.
My angels sang it Oh so loud;
I know my family was so proud.
I took the program day by day,
and eventually the cravings fade away.

These books of knowledge they are a must,
to live your life and gain your trust.
Apply this knowledge, please don't be a fool;
it's the key to your sobriety,
I know this is true.

I want to thank these people so very much,
to give me life, to make me touch.
You gave me love; it was y ours to give,
to give me life, to make me live.
You don't know how much I appreciate this place,
to bring me back and see my own face.

Your life is yours; you have the power,
live it day-by-day, or hour-by-hour.
A message to everyone who sits here now,
I'm living proof and they can show you how!

S. W.

Graduate of