Narconon Drug Rehab Courses

A series of Narconon Program life improvement courses are studied to put the individual back in control of his or her life.

Book 1: Narconon Therapeutic TRs (Training Routines) Course

This course teaches therapeutic exercises, which extrovert the student and get him into better communication with others, and with the environment.

This is the first course that the Narconon students take. It is comprised of exercises and other practical steps that enable students to improve their ability to face situations in life, to communicate, and to resolve problems through communication. Narconon students study with the help of a Supervisor who assists them through their courses.

Book 2: The New Life Detoxification Program Delivery Manual

This course prepares the student to the New Life Detoxification Procedure

As the student undergoes the Narconon drug detoxification program, he keeps a daily record of all the events and changes he experiences in the sauna. This course provides a comprehensive set of grids and tables to facilitate note taking. It also includes large sections where the student can keep track of his personal experiences.

Book 3: The Narconon Learning Improvement Course

This course gives the student the ability to study and retain knowledge, along with the ability to recognize and overcome barriers for both studying and learning.

The student is made aware of the barriers to study. The course allows him to fully understand a word searched in the dictionary, how to do demonstrations of concepts so that he can easily grasp them, and how to spot and handle any hardships in his study. This course enables the students to improve their learning skills and overcome study barriers, an ability that they can afterwards apply for the rest of their lives.

Books 4a and 4b: The Narconon Perception and Communication Course

This course gives the student the ability to fully communicate with others and his environment.

The student really enhances his communication skills. Following this, the student does a series of exercises which more fully extroverts him and gets his attention off himself and onto his environment. Such exercises greatly raise the student’s perception, ability to handle the environment, and the ways to control life.

Furthermore, the student is put in charge of helping another student do the exercises. He takes responsibility for helping another, which increases his own sense of responsibility and his ability to handle life and help others.

Life Improvement Courses

Book 5: The Narconon Ups and Downs in Life Course

This course gives the student the ability to spot and handle those influences in his environment that would cause him to lose any gains he has made.

The student learns the characteristics of the social personality as well as those of the anti-social personality, so that he is capable of spotting the differences between the two. This type of distinction will particularly be useful when the time comes to make an educated decision on the types of friends and associates he wishes to have. Completing this course makes the student less susceptible to those who would influence him to revert to drugs.

Book 6: The Narconon Personal Values and Integrity Course

This course gives the student the data he needs to improve his survival potential.

It teaches the student the survival dynamics, gives him valuable knowledge about personal ethics, honesty, integrity, and shows him how to correct contra-survival behavior by ridding himself of attention on past harmful deeds.

Book 7: The Narconon Changing Conditions in Life Course

This course gives the student the exact step-by-step technology he needs to improve his life.

This ethics technology was developed by L. Ron Hubbard and explains exactly how to apply these steps to improve conditions in life. It also teaches the student how to repair previous bad conditions and how he can apply this knowledge and keep winning.

Book 8: The Narconon THE WAY TO HAPPINESS Course

This course teaches the student a non-sectarian moral code which is a guide to living a happy life, based on the book "The Way to Happiness™".