Step One - Drug-Free Withdrawal

When an individual has drug addiction problems, there are certain drugs, such as heroin, methadone and alcohol, from which he can’t normally stop consumption without considerable physical discomfort. Following a medical evaluation and proper approval by a physician, a Narconon facility provides a constantly safe and 24-hour care procedure.

Since its beginnings in the cellblocks of Arizona State Prison, the Narconon program has championed rehabilitation without resort to alternative drugs.

However, the early program established by William Benitez did not deal directly with the traumatic throes of drug withdrawal.

In response to this need, L. Ron Hubbard researched and developed methods to help addicts through the anguish of withdrawal without the use of potentially addictive drugs. In 1973, Narconon staff adopted this "drug-free withdrawal" procedure, using vitamin and mineral supplements along with special techniques to ease the mental and physical symptoms.

Step Two - Narconon Therapeutic TRs Course

"TRs" are training routines. This course is comprised of drills and other practical steps that enable students to improve their ability to confront situations in life, to communicate and to resolve problems through communication. Narconon students study with the help of a Supervisor who assists them through their courses.