Narconon Drug Rehab Program - Overview

Has your loved one tried drug rehabilitation in 12 step programs or other rehab centers, only to fail? Unfortunately, for many families, alcohol and drug addiction treatment have been only marginally successful. Too many times, families and friends of drug addicts and alcoholics have seen their loved ones go through programs again and again. Finally, there is something different.

Our comprehensive rehab program does not adhere to the traditional group therapy or therapist approach. In fact, the 1st third of our drug rehabilitation program concentrates on cleaning the body of its unwanted toxins (drugs, alcohol, medication, pesticides). This is a physical cleanup program and may take more than 30 days. The procedure includes spending up to 4 1/2 hours per day in a specially designed sauna, which induces sweating without the unwanted dizziness due to lack of air inherent to some saunas. This step of our natural detox program is closely supervised by our trained staff to ensure the recovering addicts get plenty of water, salts, potassium and other supplements to replenish the amounts used while sweating in the sauna.

After the recovering addicts have cleaned their body from drug residues and toxins, they are ready to deal with the mental issues that contributed to becoming addicts in the first place.

In the last part of the Narconon program, the individuals learn life skills and tools that will enable them to live drug-free.