Effective Help since 1966

The Narconon programs have been helping people get off drugs since 1966.

World Wide Expansion

Today, you can find over 100 Drug Ed and Drug Rehab Narconon centers in over 45 countries around the world. 

Highly recognized and validated drug rehab program

Over the years, Narconon has received numerous recognitions and letters of acknowledgements for its work in communities across this country and around the world. Narconon's work has also been covered in many articles and magazines.

Helping salvage thousands of Canadians from addiction

Narconon drug rehabilitation and education services have been provided in Ontario, Canada since 1971. At the time, heroin use and addiction had become a major situation in the country and thus several Canadians, having learned of the Narconon methods being used in USA, decided to put this to use in Canada.

From that point one began to see it spring up in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal, and in smaller communities across the country.

Original Program

The program then consisted mainly of Communication and Confront exercises called “Training Routines” or “drills” whereby people sat in chairs, two people facing each other so as to confront each other and help each other raise one another’s ability to face another person as the first action to being able to confront life at all. People would spend hours at this, taking breaks after some time but then getting back at it. Over time, additional aids were implemented to futher reduce cravings and anxiety, including nutritional supplements, and light extroversion exercises.

These communications exercises or “drills” included practicing to listen to another without adversely reacting, speaking to another so as to be well understood, acknowledging what was said to them so that the speaker felt satisfied that they had been listened to, and so on; step by step bringing the person more in communication with people and the environment. Amazing things occurred some of which included these students becoming able to comfortably and without feeling of threat or upset, simply look at another person eye-to-eye and talk to them, listen to them, and acknowledge appropriately. But also they noticed that their anxieties reduced every day they worked at it; and their drug cravings reduced with it! This helped put the individual much more in control of themselves and strengthened their ability to deal with others, no matter how difficult the situation.

One now occasionally  sees semblances of this in other self help programs to help with a very broad field of inter-personal relations and communications skill, ranging from customer service and sales training, to anger management and life skills in general.

Program Advances

The Narconon program still uses these “training routines” for its addiction recovery AND in its training of counselors, but Narconon has evolved additional life skills courses to enhance all gains gotten from those communication drills. Plus, since 1978 it has added a healthy exercise and sauna program to deal with the physical results of years of addiction. Many claim to recover their energy and mental state of being just from this alone. And it too further reduces cravings. It makes sense too as a healthy and clean body is a strong  base to house a clearer thinking mind. The Narconon programs continue to be evaluated and further enhanced to the point that the are the most broadly used and most successful drug and alcohol rehab programs in the world today.

The Drug Ed programs have also been evolved to great success and are in use around the world because of their effectiveness in getting both youth and adults to quit, or to not even start, substance abuse.

Narconon is far from a new program in Canada. It has a history comparable to the oldest addiction recovery programs in the country and is proud to say that thousands of Canadians lead drug-free lives because of participation in Narconon programs, and millions of Canadians have been helped through Narconon Drug Ed lectures and presentations.